Haven't. Stayed with you yet but was planning on it
Timan's House is the only place I stay when I'm in North Hollywood. It's clean and friendly. They are very welcoming to travelers. I recommend it to everyone passing through.
Great place for the price!
Mike and Natalya made me feel at home from the moment I arrived. Safe area and an outdoor smoking space.
Mike and Natalie Timen deliver gracious and humble hospitality at their hostel. Staying at the Timen's House is like staying with family! Casual, clean, comfortable and affordable with awesome amenities that are continually improving like the 420 friendly outdoor living space with vending machines and a giant new flatscreen tv w/cable! (including all premium channels) What more could you ask for?!
This place is awesome! Hospitipal and very good about keeping guests safe.
Neighborhood seemed a bit shady at first. Lived there for a week, got used to everything! Nice people, charming accomodation. Tv outside. Like living with a family. Be patient and let yourself slowly adapt! It was really nice and the location is actually pretty good!
Love Mike and Natalya, awesome hosts!!